Leadership message from Nicola Scrivings

Nicola Scrivings

As you know, we held a series of roadshows late last year to ask for your views on our new Corporate Strategy. I would like to thank everyone who came along and shared their thoughts and opinions – your feedback was really valuable and will help shape the final document, which is due for publication in April.

I thought it would be helpful to summarise the comments we received from you, and from the patient representatives, volunteers, charity and emergency service partners and STP colleagues who also gave their views.

I’m pleased to report that the general feeling was one of optimism, hope and excitement and that our patients and stakeholders told us they value you – our staff – and the clinical competence we provide.

However, you understandably told us you would like more detail about how the strategy will be delivered, so we will make sure we keep you updated with examples of some of the things we are doing as work progresses.

Other feedback you provided on the themes in the document included:

  • Wellbeing – you said that ensuring all staff feel valued is vital and suggested that the strategy should place a significant emphasis on wellbeing and mental health. Work to address some of these comments is already underway following the launch of our new occupational health service, which includes a dedicated crisis support line, along with specialist mental health, physiotherapy and wellbeing services. Dorothy is also personally sponsoring a project aiming at improving mental health support, following the initial Dragon's Den session.
  • Culture – this is a key theme which you told us was important to you. You said we need to be clearer about the ways in which we will change, as well as the action we will take to maintain motivation and work more closely across the Trust.
  • Leadership – you said you would welcome long-term stability within our leadership and asked if we could provide more detail about the steps we will take to ensure we are well-led. I am pleased to say that as well as having myself in post as the substantive Chair we now have appointed a substantive CEO, Dorothy Hosein and Chief Operating Officer, Marcus Bailey.

    You also commented that you would like ‘people from outside’ to spend more time with local teams. All Executive colleagues, along with Non-Executive Directors, have recently undertaken ‘Air & Share’ meetings meeting staff face to face across our patch. I agree that this is really important and personally aim to be visiting AOC, ambulance stations and training venues, at least once a week.
  • Training and development – you told us training and development was important for helping to retain staff. We are developing research and innovation and education and learning strategies that will enable you to reach your full potential.
  • Sustainability – you want us to do more to become greener, such as undertaking recycling more widely. This work will be led by our new sustainability manager, who is due to join the Trust this month (January) and will be responsible for developing our sustainability strategy. There will be impacts upon how we all do our work, but I know that you will embrace this challenge.
  • Quality – lots of you said that we have too many priorities and should be bold by saying what we want to do and delivering it consistently. Our vision and goals will be revisited during our next Board session in February so that they reflect this feedback.
  • Communications and engagement – you wanted your manager to keep you informed about the Trust’s plans and latest developments. So far, many of our frontline and senior managers have received leadership training to help them engage effectively with their teams and encourage innovation and good ideas. We also want to make sure we are sharing success stories, so are delivering a regular Trust cascade to teams via managers and expanding the use of huddles.
  • Public health and education – you told us you would welcome initiatives which encourage appropriate use of our services while equipping people – and especially children – with basic first aid skills. We are developing a public education campaign as a result. 

We are also very keen that work on the Corporate Strategy is collaborative and makes the very best use of partnerships. I’ll be meeting with STPs and ICSs to understand how we can work more closely together in the future, using our unique position as system leader and a provider across six counties to join up and strengthen transformation programmes.

I hope this gives you a useful summary of the feedback we received, and some of the actions we are already taking to address the comments you have made. We will be developing further plans which respond to your feedback at our next Board session in February and will keep you updated as they progress.

All the best


Published 30th January 2020

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