Leadership message from Nicola Scrivings

Nicola Scrivings

I am delighted to finally begin work as your Chair. It has been a journey of about three months, from applying to starting. During this time, I have visited several sites and met many colleagues. I have been really struck by the professionalism, enthusiasm and commitment of everyone that I have encountered.

It was particularly enjoyable to attend the Stars of EEAST Awards ceremony last week and hear so many fantastic examples of colleagues going above and beyond, to look after each other and our patients in really difficult times.

My first priority, is to spend time with team members across our patch; listening to the challenges that we face in delivering for our patients and staff, and then, in time, working with the board to create a strategy that really delivers for our patients, colleagues and our commissioners. I will need to understand each of the STPs' (Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships) ambitions for their communities and ensure that our strategy is responsive to those needs, partnering across our geographical footprint and supporting others to achieve their goals.

It is also a priority, to complete work to stabilise the board and leadership team, and then explore how we work together in a mutually supportive and collaborative manner, so that we provide outstanding unitary board leadership across the organisation.

It is really early days for me and I am still on a learning curve. I very much look forward to meeting and learning from as many of you as possible in the coming months. 

All my best, 


Published 21st November 2019

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