Leadership message from Paul Marshall

Leadership message from Paul Marshall Head of Operations Suffolk and North Essex on 24th September 2020 (transcript): 

Hi, I’m Paul Marshall Head of Ops, I just want to take up a couple of minutes of your time just to talk to you about a couple of area’s that you need to be aware of.

First is we’ve seen an increase in COVID19 across the country, COVID positive people and for us a far higher demand and an increase in COVID19 suspected patients, you will be aware of updates that come out, guidelines, guidance and recommendations. Please take notice of them, please try and stay safe, lessen the risk where possible. So the guidance is where a mask and just lessen the risk and try to stop the spread of the virus amongst ourselves. 

Another area I want to talk about is the CQC visit, we will be getting a report from CQC which I’m sure will have some recommendations within for us to act upon, it is important that we not only act on the recommendations that the CQC give us but that we do it together to improve things for our staff and for the Trust in general. I look forward to working with my staff. As mentioned at the beginning around COVID and that we are seeing demand increase across the Trust in general. The good news is the are you are providing for our patients has been outstanding, still really good care and getting to our patients in a timely fashion which means they are getting the best treatment they can at the earliest intervention that we can. Thank you for that its really good work.

And finally, most weeks of the year now we have something or other, it just happens to be this week International Week of Happiness at work. I think that is really important that we should try and be happy at work, we spend a lot of our time at work and we work with some amazing people. So in this week of International happiness at work please look to your colleagues brighten the day up and try and be happy, life is a lot easier when we are happy working.

Look after yourselves, thank you for listening and I’m sure I’ll do another message sometime soon.



Published 24th September 2020

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