Leadership message from Peter Mercer, Deputy Head of Strategy and Transformation

Peter Mercer

Thank you for the opportunity to contribute a leadership message to my new colleagues at EEAST. I would like to introduce myself, the team I am now responsible for and briefly the role of the Programme Management Office.

My name is Peter Mercer, I joined EEAST in February this year as Deputy Head of Strategy and Transformation. I have worked in the NHS for 34 years and come from a nursing background. In addition I have varied experience in general management, service improvement and transformation roles most recently in cancer and cardiology. I have received a very warm welcome to the Ambulance service and look forward to meeting more of you as opportunities allow. A significant part of my role is to lead the Trust Programme Management Office (PMO) and I would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness of the work of the PMO which was formally established in its current form as a part of the EEAST corporate service on 1st February 2020. The PMO office is based at EEAST headquarters in Melbourn.

The PMO has been developed to lead and support the management and implementation of two specific themes of work. These are the Quality Cost Improvement Programme known as QCIP and the Integrated Improvement Programme known as IIP but essentially the PMO supports the delivery and coordination of Trust improvement programmes.

In addition the PMO team supports the delivery of the Trust corporate strategy and its various enabling strategies which are being finalised at the current time and will be communicated and publicised widely, more on this through Need to Know in the near future.

As we continue to learn about our organisations response to Covid-19 we have captured important key learning to feed into our improvement and transformation journey and accelerate improvements, where appropriate, to embed the best of our response into new ways of working.

We have a regular weekly transformation meeting where we coordinate and accelerate our improvement work to ensure that we are always striving to deliver our Trust vision and goals.

The PMO is made up of a combination of programme and project managers allocated to work on the individual programmes and flexibly in response to the demands of the organisation. The PMO team is made up of Nicky Ward, Head of PMO, Peter Mercer, Deputy Head of Strategy and Transformation, two programme managers, Luisa Perrett for QCIP and Antony Shipman for IIP, who are supported by two project managers, Alan Jensen and Anne Newberry.

Both myself and Nicky Ward, Head of Strategy and Transformation, are very keen to support the leadership development and career journeys of colleagues, so if you are curious about what we do and want to understand a bit more or have any questions please do drop us a line and we will be happy to discuss. We will continue to share more with you about our latest programmes as they evolve.

Thank you for all you are doing and we will continue to share more with you about our latest programmes as they evolve.

Please contact me directly on peter.mercer@eastamb.nhs.uk or via pmo@eastamb.nhs.uk.


Published 4th June 2020

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