Leadership Message from Trust Chair, Nicola Scrivings

This week's leadership message is a video from Nicola Scrivings, Trust Chair.


Video transcript:

Good morning everybody. My name is Nicola Scrivings and I’m chair of our Trust.

So I’m sure we’re all getting used now to using Zoom and Skype and Teams to stay in touch with our family and friends and to have lots of quizzes and have some fun in the home. I’ve been at home all this time, home schooling my daughter and sitting alongside her as she works her way through her science exams, and using technology to learn new skills. Its interesting how we’re now thinking about how to use the technology in the workplace to continue around certain commitments, such as staying in touch with our communities and our patients.

I was really proud that we were one of the very first Trusts to hold a public Board meeting last week, in public, using virtual live streaming. It was very successful and allowed us to continue with our commitment to be open and transparent with our communities. Several people asked us questions online and we were able to answer them in real time. This was a real step forward and a really positive use of technology to help us to do our jobs well.

And we reviewed performance at the Board. It was fantastic to hear from the team around current performance and how well we are doing. We are continuing to hit our main targets and its great to hear that every day this performance gets stronger. I hope you all know that the Trust has delivered targets for all the national indicators for April and we’re currently responding to these most serious calls at a much faster rate. So thank you very much for all that hard work.

Also last week we heard about mental health awareness week and I was really pleased that, despite the lockdown, we engaged with many, many activities and also publicised lots of opportunities for people to learn about the help that is available. We do continue to make extra investment in areas so that we can continue to support staff to safeguard health during the COVID-19 pandemic, but also going forward. We will talk more about this during the summer.

Finally I’m really pleased that next week we’re using technology to hold a virtual event to recognise the contribution of our community first responders, who have been doing so much  for us to support patients and our communities during this time. We can only meet virtually which is disappointing, but we will still meet. I’m really pleased that we’re coming together to celebrate all the work these fantastic people do for our communities and patients at this time. The event is next week on Thursday.

Anyway. Now what can you do for me? I’d really like to hear from you about your experiences in the recent months and if there’s anything more we can do to support you in your role. Please leave a comment for me at the end, or send me an email. I will answer all of them personally.

Many thanks for all you have done so far, and for all you are yet to do. Thank you.

Nicola Scrivings, Chair

Published 28th May 2020


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