Mandatory Social Media training for all EEAST staff 2021

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Social media plays a big part in our lives, whether you use it for personal reasons or for work. It is very easy for your content and personal data to be seen and shared worldwide, so it’s very important you understand the risks and social media do’s and don’ts.

For this reason, the Trust has developed a social media policy and it is everyone’s responsibility to be confident enough in using social media platforms, both personally and professionally, to uphold these rules and regulations.

Still not sure what to do? Don’t worry!

We have introduced a new course on Evolve, available for all staff members to gain an understanding on how to use social media, the do’s and don’ts, what could happen if you breach GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and so much more.

All staff must complete this course and by the end have the knowledge to be able to use social media in a confident and professional way, adhering to Trust policies and guidelines.


You can find the course here:
Evolve > Course Library > Information Governance & Security > Social Media Training

You will need to view a presentation and then complete a short knowledge check (8 questions) to complete the course. You will receive an e-certificate on completion for you to then send to your line manager.


Any concerns please email or approach your line manager.

 Published 12 January 2021