Marauding firearms incident: knowing what to do

Chapelfield exercise Norwich   March 2015

If we received a 999 call to say that a roaming gunman was on the loose, would you know what to do?

Just a few months ago the world looked on in horror as 11 people were murdered by gunmen at Charlie Hedbo in Paris, and we have seen similar incidents much closer to home.

Although unlikely, such incidents are certainly a very real threat.

The resilience and specialist operations team has produced a series of action cards to help in the case of a marauding terrorist firearms attack (MTFA). Aimed at different staff groups, the cards cover the:

  • on-scene commander
  • tactical commander
  • strategic commander
  • call-taker
  • dispatcher
  • EOC duty manager
  • incident command desk
  • press team
  • and operational staff at the scene.

You can download the full set from East24, and print any pages relevant to your role. Please take the time to read them when you can.

Published 17th April 2015 

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