Medical Gas Cylinder Amnesty


Further to the recent Need to Know article on reducing the risks of potentially using out of date medical gases, we are searching out and identifying all our out of date cylinder stock. 

No gas contained within a cylinder that is dated over three years old should be used and therefore will need to be relinquished for exchange.

We would ask that you please check to see what cylinders (Entonox and Oxygen) you have and to ensure that they are all within the expiry date of three years from issue. Each cylinder is clearly marked up with this date and no cylinder must be used beyond the expiry date.

We are operating a Medical Gas Cylinder Amnesty where any cylinder of any age and condition will be collected by BOC free of charge and the Trust reimbursed for all returned cylinders.

Please check all possible locations that cylinders may be stored (including cupboards, storage containers, training rooms etc) and notify Clive Radestock of any cylinders you may have.

Many thanks for your ongoing support over this matter

Dr Tom Davis  
Medical Director  

Published July 26th 2019

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