Medical Gas Cylinder Management

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The Trust is embarking on changing the Oxygen cylinders from the current steel standard valve connection complete with separate Pressure Reducing Valve to a composite fully integrated cylinder and valve, the benefits of which is predominately the volume of gas the new cylinders can store and subsequently deliver.

As part of this project, the Trust is required to relinquish all of its cylinder stock on an exchange basis, as there are a very large number of cylinders that the Trust is being charged for that have yet to be returned back into service. With this in mind, it has been identified that no gas contained within a cylinder that is dated over three years old should ever be used and therefore will need to be relinquished for exchange.

Over the next few months, we will be making modifications to our existing fleet in order to accommodate the new Oxygen cylinders from two Pin Indexed connections to one Oxygen Schrader connection to be housed in the same medical gas cylinder hatch on the side of the ambulance.

We are working with BOC (the supplier) to manage the exchange in a manner that will continue to provide us with sufficient cylinders to allow us to maintain service continuity throughout the change.

We would ask that you please check to see what cylinders you have and to ensure that they are all within the expiry date of three years from issue. Each cylinder is clearly marked up with this date and no cylinder must be used beyond the expiry date.

As part of the same exercise, we are investing in improved cylinder storage facilities at all of our sites where cylinders are identified as an approved site.

We ask  you all to check what cylinders you have (Entonox and Oxygen) and to let me know if you have any cylinders either out of date or unused as we are operating a Medical Gas Cylinder Amnesty where any cylinder of any age and condition will be collected by BOC and the Trust reimbursed for all returned cylinders.

Published 14th May 2019

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