Meet Norwich EOC's new SEM

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Recently the Trust recruited two new senior EOC managers to the Norwich and Bedford offices. Today, Norwich Senior EOC Manager Paul Vinters introduces himself to those of you he hasn’t met yet.

After initially considering a career as a product designer and then with the police force, I decided my future was with the ambulance service. I joined the Trust in 2007, as one of the first student ambulance paramedic courses in Essex, and went on to register as a paramedic in 2010.

In 2011 I made the move in to the control room, and joined Chelmsford EOC as a duty manager. I made it a priority to familiarise myself with all the various EOC roles, whilst also continuing to do the occasional operational shift to keep my clinical skills up to date.

I think all frontline staff carry the odd “dust bunny” with them. This term being used by one of my clinical trainers and I expect will be recognised widely.  I truly believe that you should never underestimate the potential for PTSD in our line of work. Equally, delivering every baby is never forgotten; but for happier reasons. One job that truly sticks in my mind was one I attended on Christmas Eve in 2008. The call was for a collision between a car and a child. Several things stick out about that job; from being on break and answering the phone to Gary Baines, a duty manager at the time, arriving on scene seeing the Christmas presents scattered across the road like a road safety advert, to the look of fear in this child's eyes. I remember every second of that job. We conveyed, by land to Addenbrooks from Colchester, with the air ambulance crew, and were around five hours late finishing back to Harwich. We did our job, discharged our care and I later found out that the child made a full recovery! I recall thinking at the time "that's why I do this job!", and I remind myself of that to this day!

I joined the NHS to help people; to me this doesn't matter if you're a patient laying on the floor or a colleague. I like to bring my beliefs of openness, fairness, honesty, and equality. I am not always perfect and sometimes make mistakes. But will always act in accordance with these beliefs. As for change, I want everyone to be content in the role they are doing and to achieve what they want from work, whatever that may be, but I'd hope it's in the EOC!

On a final note… emails! They are the bane of my working-life; I’d rather that people pick up the phone or see me. I have always worked by this ethos and hope that this will continue within my new role in Norwich EOC. With this in mind, there are two phrases I cannot stand: "I've just sent you an email..."and “we've always done it that way..." so to anyone I encounter in the future I would just like to say, my door is always open and I like to do things different

Best of luck in your new role Paul!

Published 13th July, 2017

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