Menopause - why it matters


Following Mental Health Awareness Week last week, we feel it's important to talk about the Menopause, its symptoms and why it matters.

Menopause is an inevitable part of life for each and every woman. We all have wives, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, sisters and aunts and all will experience menopause symptoms to some degree at some stage in their lives.

These symptoms can include:

  • hot flushes
  • sleep disruption
  • sweating
  • headaches
  • irregular/heavy periods
  • poor memory
  • fatigue
  • aches and pains
  • mood disturbances, anxiety and depression
  • dry skin and eyes

They can last up to four years from the last period, but in 1 in 10 women experience symptoms for up to 12 years. According to the British Menopause Society, about 70% of women will experience hot flushes and night sweats which can lead to chronically disturbed sleep. In turn, this can lead to insomnia, irritability and difficulties in short term memory and concentration. Hot flushes and sweats during the day can result in numerous clothing changes and showers, all of which will potentially affect both personal and working lives.

On average women start menopause between 45-55 years of age.  

With the employment rate of women in the UK at its highest since records began in 1971, and the number of women in work over the age of 50 increasing, this is something we cannot ignore.

We will all be touched by menopause in some way, and it is time for us all to become aware and support ourselves, friends, family, and colleagues as we would if they were struggling with any other long term health condition.

If you would like to write into The Wellbeing Hub, telling us about your experience and giving us your thoughts and ideas, we would love to hear from you. How can we help make Menopause at work a better experience for you?

If you are struggling from menopause related symptoms and wish to seek advice and support, please contact the Wellbeing Hub  Tel: 03456 089 945. 

Published 20th May 2019

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