Message from the Multifaith Network on Trinity Sunday

Trinity Sunday

The Trust Multi-Faith Network are sharing details of Trinity Sunday, as described by EEAST members of the Christian Ambulance Association.

On the Sunday after Pentecost, many Christian churches celebrate Trinity Sunday. This is the one Sunday of the year when our focus is not so much on events in the life of Jesus, like Christmas or Easter but rather on who God is and how we can worship God.

It took the early Christian Church several centuries to work out how they could speak about God as they had come to know him: God who created the world, God who made himself known as a human being in Jesus and God who is present with his Church throughout the world through his Holy Spirit.

And yet Christians do not believe in three gods, but in the one God whom we encounter in three persons, as Father Son and Holy Spirit. Christian theologians have tried to find images that might help to explain that mystery. So, the fourth-century North African church father Augustine of Hippo described the relationship of the three persons of the Trinity as that of a lover, their beloved and the bond of love between them.

Who God is and how the three persons of the Trinity relate to each other is a mystery, something we cannot fully grasp with our human minds. But as God makes himself known to us, we too can know that we are invited to participate in that love and that we are surrounded by it. And so, on this Trinity Sunday we can marvel at who God is and how he makes himself known to us, and we can respond to his invitation to share that love in which we are enfolded with those we meet. This year Trinity Sunday Falls on Sunday 30th May.

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Published 30th May 2021