Migration of Trust Portal and Intranet

bandwidth close up computer 1148820

The IT department are planning to move the Trust Portal and East24 to a new Azure server today.

The Trust Portal will be moved at 12pm today, and this afternoon at 3pm, they will also be moving the Trust Intranet to the new Azure server as well.

Staff will not need to do anything during the migrations. However, there will be intermittent access due to the changes as the switch is made from one service to the other.

For the Trust Portal, the intermittent access period will be between 12pm and 1pm, after this time the access to webreports would be on the new server.

For East24, the intermittent access period will be between 3pm and 4pm, after this time the intranet will be running on the new server.

If you have any questions please contact the IT department.

Published 15th April 2021