MPDS codeset change

Call handler   HEOC

Several codes have been updated in the Trust’s MPDS (Medical Priority Dispatch System) system, as per national requirements and following a national trial. 

Red 1 and Red 2 codes have been changed nationally and following an EEAST clinical review. As a result of this process, these are the changes: 

• a number of codes that were within the Red 1 trial (operating already) have been confirmed as permanent changes, for example overdose/poisoning and stab/gunshot

• a number of fitting codes (protocol 12) have been given a higher responding priority

• rectification of a historical issue with code 1703G (fall – public assistance with no injuries) which previously was a blue light Green 2 response and now becomes a Green 4 (cold response)

• revised codes going to CSD (PSIAM). Some CSD Green 3 codes now have a heightened prioritisation for immediate CSD assessment. 

These changes went live on Tuesday (14th October) across all three emergency operations centres.


Published 16th October 2014 

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