Muslim Staff Group in EEAST

muslim symbol

Within EEAST, The Muslim Staff Group (MSG) will function as the staff support group for Muslims in the Trust. The focus will be working with the EEAST Multi Faith Network (MFN) to support and improve experience for staff within the workplace with a focus on the Muslim faith and those issues impacting people of faith.  Furthermore, the group exists to increase awareness and improve understanding of the Muslim faith.

The MSG within EEAST will work with Muslims, enabling members to make a positive contribution to the work environment, other employees, and the communities we serve.

The MSG will provide the interface between Muslims in EEAST and the Multi Faith Network, facilitating increased understanding, and engagement between staff of the Muslim faith and the wider Trust staff group. 

As part of the MFN, the MSG will also contribute to this mutual support forum for faith groups which acts as a central reference point for faith for Trust staff and leaders.

If you would like to find out more about the work of the Muslim Staff Group, please contact

Published 9th April 2021