National threat level increased

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The national threat level has been changed to critical following the terror incident in London today (15th September). 

  • It is essential we are extra vigilant regarding security of Trust premises, vehicles and equipment, including uniform. 
  • We need to immediately report any suspicious activity. Following these simple steps will help protect all of us.
  • Always check who is following behind you and challenge – if safe to do so.
  • Wear your ID in a prominent position.
  • Ensure doors and windows are closed when you leave your station/place of work.
  • Don’t prop front doors (or any access door) open.
  • Make a note of the registration number of any suspicious vehicles and report them.
  • If you see anything suspicious, report it to the counter terrorist hotline on 0800 789 321, contact EOC or dial 999 if there is an emergency, or 101 if not an immediate emergency.
  • Keep all marked or unmarked vehicles safe and secure at all times.
  • When travelling to and from work please wear a jacket or other item which covers the Trust insignia and/or rank markings and do not leave high visibility coats and other uniform on display in private vehicles, or any items that could be used as a means of identity for a criminal.
  • Any surplus or old items of uniform or equipment must be returned to your base station, where arrangements are in place for their disposal. Again this is to help protect the security of our staff and the public.
  • Don’t let anyone tailgate you into any secure areas at NHS premises, including hospitals and your own station/place of work. 

If you are threatened

  • If you are in doubt or concerned about your safety, do not approach
  • Follow the ‘stay safe’ principles; if you are under threat, then escape if you can by running and use your emergency button
  • If you can’t run or escape then hide from the attacker; think about good cover such as substantial brickwork or reinforced walls, and if you can lock yourself in. Turn your phone to silent and be quiet.
  • Tell EOC or the police of your location and where the suspects are.
  • Remember, run, hide and tell.

Trust your instincts, because we do. If something doesn’t seem right, report it. We can all do our bit to keep each other safe.

An urgent update is available on East24.

Published 15th September, 2017

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