National Volunteers' Week - Stephen's story

Stephen Maurice quote

Community first responder (CFR), Stephen Maurice, has spoken of his pride at working as part of a team to care for patients during national Volunteers’ Week.

Stephen Maurice, who is a member of the Alconbury/Buckworth CFR Group, recalled one particular incident where he worked alongside EEAST crews, Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue Service and the Magpas air ambulance to respond to a category one call.

Stephen was first on scene and carried out chest compressions before providing a hand over to colleagues, preparing equipment such as a scoop and trolley and comforting family members.

“At the call I thought the teamwork from the various crews and different agencies was brilliant,” said Stephen. “The Magpas doctor was very keen to give constructive feedback to everyone involved before making sure we were happy and asking if we had any questions.

“For me, this was an example of great teamwork from everyone involved and shows the benefits which community first responders bring to their local area.”

Published 7th June 2021