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EEAST have been working with the NEAT (Norwich Escalation Avoidance Team) for over a year.

Two NEAT clinicians have been working from our Norwich AOC. They have been filtering calls suitable for their service and supporting crews on scene to use and refer to NEAT. This has increased our referrals to NEAT which means that patients have avoided going into hospital and we have improved our patient experience and ongoing care.

The NEAT service provides predominantly nursing care to housebound patients. Although in some circumstances, such as leg ulcers or a phlebotomy, patients may be required to attend a clinic.

The care includes:

  • Admission avoidance
  • Early supported discharge
  • Palliative and end of life care
  • General nursing care
  • Social issues


  • Patients needing emergency treatment
  • Patients aged 17 years old and under

NEAT operate between 0800-1800 7 days a week and can be contacted through our ECAT number, option 5:

The service has now been extended for another three months, with one of the NEAT clinicians now being being based with IC24 Norfolk. Please continue to use this valuable service

Published 22nd April 2021

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