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A new audit tool has been introduced for ACQI clinical auditing and safety walkabout checklist auditing.

AuditOnline was brought in on 1st January by the Trust to replace the existing audit tool (Auditr). 

The new system will also be used for medicines management auditing, IPC auditing and medical fridge temperature tracking from 1st February.

AuditOnline is designed by auditors to address all aspects critical to managing the internal and external audit requirements for CQC compliance, quality and more. Benefits of the new system include:

  • Ready to roll out and use secure system
  • Simplified compliance (CQC, ISO 9001)
  • Highly customisable audits and reports
  • Integrates easily with other systems
  • Customised action plans
  • Improved audit quality and results
  • Better audit records with cloud-based storage
  • More efficient use of internal resources
  • Easy to set up, use and amend / add audits

A new link has been added to Quick Links on East24 website.

AuditOnline - New

Please note that during the transition phase, the old link will still appear under Quick Links along with the new AuditOnline link, however, this will be removed on 1st February.

Also, all active users of the Auditr system will be transferred over and given access to the audits they currently have on the existing system

Safety walkabout audit

This audit is now available on AuditOnline and users who are currently identified as having access to this audit will be emailed login details to AuditOnline.  Please note that from 8th January, this audit will no longer be available to complete via the old Auditr system.

Medicines Management / IPC & medical fridge temperature tracking audits

The clinical quality systems team is working with the medicines management team and IPC team on rolling these audits out ready for 1st February.   You will be notified once are ready to be used.

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