New fleet tags

New fleet_2019

Over the next few months, paper and plastic tags will start appearing on clinical equipment inside our vehicles. These will be used to help us ensure that each piece of equipment is fully serviced and up to date with any compliance.

The tags work with the grey antennas fitted inside vehicles, so that we can tell if a vehicle is missing any equipment, or has equipment which needs servicing in the next few weeks, so we can replace it and keep you compliant. Anything without a tag cannot be tracked. 

Initially, large and expensive items will be tagged. In later phases, we want to reduce the administrative burden on staff by rolling this out to other areas such as drugs, which we know can be time consuming to monitor.

Please note that neither the vehicle-based RFID (radio frequency identification) equipment or tags transmit any signals or energy that is harmful to you or your personal electronic equipment.

Anyone who would like further information should contact 

Published 23rd October 2019

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