New lancets for taking BM

The Trust is shortly changing its supply of BM lancets, used for capillary blood sampling.

The new lancets, which come in ‘normal’ and ‘extra’ sizes, should start to arrive on station over the next few weeks:

  • Normal-sized lancets: these are yellow and suitable for most people. They produce a needle depth of 1.8mm and are 23 gauge.
  • Extra-sized lancets: these are orange and suitable for adults with tougher skin. They produce a needle depth of 2.0mm and are 21 gauge.

The lancets, made by company Unistik-3, are simple to use. Simply twist off the grey sterile cap, hold to the finger and press down the side release button. The needle point is hidden before and after use, and automatically retracts to avoid needlestick injuries and cross infection.


Published 2nd June, 2016

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