New-look appraisals set to launch

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We are launching a new appraisal system so that we can make sure staff are receiving regular and meaningful appraisals so that they can discuss their career and any development or training they may need to effectively carry out their role.

Changes to the appraisals have been made in direct response to feedback gathered from staff across EEAST. They include:

  • Changing the name from “compassionate conversation” to “appraisal”.
  • Increasing the range of programmes and development opportunities on EVOLVE to support staff to reach their full potential and further develop their careers.
  • Adding additional workshops to EVOLVE for both staff delivering appraisals (such as team leaders and line managers) and those being appraised to help everyone to get the most from the appraisal process.
  • Reviewing our systems to make sure all PDPs (personal development plans) reach the Organisational Development team at

The Leadership and OD team is also working with managers across EEAST to raise awareness of the importance of appraisals and the role they can play in helping to build good working relationships with staff so that they become embedded into everyday practice.

New documentation for line managers to use with staff while completing appraisals is also now available on EVOLVE.

Jill Page, Leadership Development and OD Manager, said:

“These positive changes are being made in direct response to your comments. We hope that they will help to make the appraisal process more meaningful and valuable so that it becomes important element of your personal and professional development.

“We are continuing to refine and improve our appraisals and development opportunities in response to your feedback, so please keep an eye on Need to Know for further updates.”

In addition to the new-look appraisals, a range of updated leadership and management development programmes are now available on EVOLVE for team leaders, supervisors, line managers, AGMs, GMs and HOOs. They include:

Programme name


Manager’s Induction Programme (MIP)

Informing existing staff about the improvements we have made to the recruitment and onboarding processes when any new colleagues joins EEAST. The programme provides managers with the tools, skills and knowledge to support new colleagues joining the Trust, in turn aiding development and contributing towards the retention of our people.

Manager’s First 90 Days

This programme provides support for all new team leaders, supervisors and line managers during their first three months as they settle into their new role at EEAST and become fully operational.

Manager’s Passport Training (MPT)

Monthly masterclasses to brief all leadership and management colleagues on changes to our policies and procedures and how to apply practically in the workplace

Introduction to Management

A 10 module programme designed by our people, for our people. This programme is specifically tailored to the needs of EEAST’s leaders and managers to enable them to fulfil their roles with the right information, development and support to enable them to be the best version of themselves.


Published 22nd April 2021