New National Quarterly Pulse Survey

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The NHS People Plan recommends the launch of a new National Quarterly Pulse Survey to track employee engagement and provide a consistent and standardised approach, nationally and locally, to listening to staff at more regular intervals.

From July 2021, the National Quarterly Pulse Survey (NQPS) is a requirement and applies to all NHS trusts in England.

To undertake the NQPS, we are using the People Pulse - a national online pulse survey which is sponsored by NHS England and NHS Improvement.

From Monday we will be inviting you to take five minutes to complete the survey. The survey will close on 31st July. It allows you to tell us more about your experiences at work, including how motivated you feel and what other support would make the biggest difference to your experience at work at this time.

By sharing your views, you will help us improve the support we provide to you. Look out for more information on NeedtoKnow. Your voice counts and we want to hear from you.

Is this the only staff survey we will receive now?
No, there will also be the annual NHS National Staff Survey in the Autumn and regular Trust Pulse surveys, the latter will ask both general questions and more specific ones about harassment.

Although each survey takes time to complete, they are all equally important and really do give us a good indicator of how we are progressing and where we need to focus more effort.

Is it confidential?
The National Quarterly Pulse Survey / People Pulse does not ask for any personal information although we do ask for some demographic information, for example ethnic origin, age or job type. We do this to explore the results for different populations within the NHS.

How will my data be used?
The data will be utilised by local, regional and national workforce teams whereby the aggregated results inform decisions on how best to support our NHS People.

What about the NHS Staff Survey? How does this fit in?
The National Quarterly Pulse Survey will not replace the NHS Staff Survey. The National Staff Survey will take place in quarter three 2021/22.

Published 1st July 2021