New search feature on Datix

From Monday, 6th June, a new search feature will be introduced on Datix, changing the way an incident is documented.

The search feature will let users, who are entering the name of the reporting person for an incident, look up the name and corresponding information on a pre-stored database.

The benefits are that:

  • it will let those submitting records on Datix check the existing contact details on the database
  • once a record has been submitted, those with access to incident records won’t have to approve the named contact within the database
  • there will be fewer duplicate contact records.


What you will need to do when submitting an incident record on Datix

The feature will run a search against the spellings of the names entered into the first name (forenames), and surname fields within the database.

To search for a contact, please enter both a first name and surname into the relevant fields within the submission form, and click on one of the ‘search’ buttons:

If any possible matches are found, a pop-up listing will appear; you can then select the contact by clicking on ‘choose’:

Once you have made your selection, any existing details in the database for that contact will transfer onto the record submission page:

If you make a wrong selection, or the details already held within the database incorrect/inaccurate, you can clear the section of the form and start the process again:

If no matches are found, a pop-up will display to advise you of that:

You can then continue to complete the sections within the form in relation to any persons involved as normal.

If you require any further technical assistance in relation to the Datix system, please do not hesitate to contact the clinical quality systems team at

 Published 3rd June, 2016

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