New go-live for Lister’s 24/7 PPCI

Staff with patient on stretcher at accident and emergency

As of 8am on Monday, 28th April the PPCI service at the Lister Hospital will be expanded to become a 24/7 service. This service was originally due to go live on 7th April, but was delayed by the hospital.

Lister becomes the fifth centre in the east of England to provide such a service for patients having an ST elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI), joining Harefield, Papworth, Basildon and Norwich hospitals.

The contact number telephone number for the Lister PPCI centre is 01438 284668. This extension means that patients from the Lister catchment area can now be treated at the Lister Hospital, as opposed to needing to be transferred to Papworth or Harefield. This will mean shorter transfer times for these patients, improving patient outcomes and making a more manageable service for crews.

There are no changes to the guidelines for patients being accepted by Lister, and the following patients should all be considered:

  • Onset of chest pain/symptoms typical of acute myocardial infarction in the last 12 hours, and if there is one of the following patterns on the 12 lead ECG
  • ST elevation 2mm or greater in two or more adjacent chest leads
  • ST elevation 1mm or greater in two or more contiguous limb leads (there will usually be reciprocal ST depression in the other limb leads)
  • RBBB with ST elevation in either of the two patterns described above
  • LBBB with ‘classic’ clinical picture of AMI (grey, clammy, central crushing chest pain with radiation to jaw/arms).
  • Marked ST depression V1-3 and dominant R-wave in V1 suggesting a posterior MI (they will often have suspicious inferior ECG changes)

As well as the groups above, any patient who has a return of spontaneous circulation (ROSC) following cardiac arrest and an ST elevation on their ECG should be discussed with the PPCI centre; this will increase the patient’s chances of survival to discharge if they go on the PPCI pathway.

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