Notification from IM&T - IT Equipment Demand

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As you may know, in both your professional and personal IT use, there is a global delay for the parts required to manufacture laptops and other IT equipment.

There are also delays to the supply chain due to a surge in demand and the on-going effects of Covid-19. We are feeling the effects of the shortages, with laptop orders currently taking on average 8 weeks to deliver and as a result, we are unable to fulfill the on-going high demand for laptops and peripheral items such as docking stations.

IM&T are continually looking at ways to make innovative use of the technology available to the Trust and we now need your help to make the best use of IT equipment to support the challenges being felt by the on-going supply and demand pressures.

 What Can You Do?

 We have three key ways you can make a difference to the effective use of IT equipment:


Return unneeded laptops, phones and other equipment to IM&T so that they can be re-issued to another user. Where appropriate, these will quickly be cleaned, re-built and re-issued to one of your colleagues who has an urgent requirement. If you would like to return any device at any time, please log a request to Return IT Equipment on the Service Desk Portal or pass it to any member of the IT team.


If you have a new starter joining your team, consider if you have a device that can be re-purposed for their use. In some cases, a new starter is replacing someone who has left the Trust, so can they use the equipment they returned. If so, please note this on the New Starter Request you submit to IT and we will update our records to reflect who will be using the laptop. You do not need to return it to us if it is fully operational, it can simply be handed over but please do let us know so we can update our asset register


Can you make better use of the IT equipment within your team by working in a hybrid fashion of working from pc's when laptops are not available? Can you make use of personal equipment while working from home?

The following You Tube videos provide helpful guidance on how to access your Trust emails and documents from any personal device

Email using Office 365 from any computer

Accessing your work from any computer 


The Trust has a one laptop or desktop device per user policy for most Trust staff.

Published 8th July 2021