Notification of Product Change: Nightingale to Corius Seal Dressing

RRV with blurred paramedic

Prometheus Medical has recently become part of the Safeguard Medical organisation. Safeguard unites a group of businesses that specialise in products and services dedicated to saving lives.

The change in product is essentially a change in packaging to incorporate the new branding and new name of the dressing.

The EEAST clinical indication for use remains the same as the Nightingale dressing.

The Corius Seal™ is a non-sterile adhesive hydrogel wound dressing, indicated to cover and protect acute major thoracic wounds, whilst absorbing wound exudate. This occlusive wound dressing is the same size and the Corius Seal™ has the ability to cover both large and small wounds, with a borderless design allowing multiple devices to be used by placing them edge to edge. The dressing features removable silicone coated plastic liners, allowing users to apply easily to patients.

Please see documents below for a copy of the recall notice and a poster which can be printed and displayed on station. 

Published 18th February 2021