Online password Reset replacing on-premise password reset


We will soon be decommissioning the on-premises ADSelfService Password reset hosted on http://passwordreset:8888.

There are about 400 users who are enrolled on this service and we will be shutting the service down on Thursday. All the users registered will also be sent an email in order for them to re-register their accounts on the new service. 

We will also like all Trust users to register for the Azure AD Self Service Password Reset using with your full email address before this service will be available for the user when required. This will mean that users can then reset their own password anytime on their own without needing to contact the IT Service Desk. If the service desk is still required though, you can still contact them. 

After registration and when a user needs to reset their password, there are 3 options:

  1. At the Windows logon screen “Reset password” which will divert the user straight to the required website for Password Reset

  2. From any device (internal or external) go to (SSPR means Self Service Password Reset) or the full site

  3. Once the old service is decommissioned, you can still go to http://passwordreset from within any Trust computer

Published 6th January 2020

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