Operations Update Video: Marcus Bailey, 1st April

Published 1st April 2020

Video transcript: Marcus Bailey video on 1st April

Hello, I’m Marcus Bailey, Chief Operating Officer for the Trust and I just wanted to provide an update into some of the operational situations and scenarios that we face ourselves with.

Firstly, I just want to take time to reflect and say thank you, particularly to all of the people working really really hard in the background to keep us moving whether it be fleet, whether it be estates, whether it be HR, and particularly our stores and supply team. We’ve seen so many people go the extra mile to give us what we need to look after patients in the operational setting. 

Over the next few weeks things will clearly get busier, I’m going to update that in the video for next week.  We will now focus and talk about some of the operational bits and the concerns in areas for me that we would really just like to explain.

Firstly, PPE – I know it is a big topic, big topic, every single day and believe me when I say that I do appreciate the concerns and anxieties that you have. This is an uncertain time and a very unusual situation and in reality something that we’ve never experienced at least at this level before. What we do though is we use the advice and the guidance that we receive from national experts and the experience that they have and the trust that we place within them to give us the guidance that’s required.

We’ve worked really hard on supply chain and the feedback that you give us is really important about some of the changes we looking to make, including heavier weight aprons, ensuring we have sufficient supply of surgical masks, and also trying to give really streamlined but clear guidance on when to use level two and level three PPE. I know it is difficult and I know those anxieties, you start to think about home, and your family and your friends but for us we would always look to give you the latest guidance and the advice that we are able to so when that changes, if further things come out or any further risks emerge that we need to consider, we will absolutely take those on-board. Looking after yourselves to look after our patients is absolutely the number one priority for myself and also the entire exec team and that is really really fundamentally important.

A couple of things moving forward, national guidance I’ve touched upon so we wait for that in respect of both clinical guidelines and operational guidelines and as soon as they arrive, we look at them, we take on board the national guidance, we use expect reference groups and the groups we are linked in to nationally to really then be able to produce and work through a number of instructions, guidance and indeed action cards which we’ve had good positive feedback from and give people structure and clarity and we will continue to work through and so on those as well.

The other bit to talk about is vehicle cleaning. We have had some feedback around some concerns around vehicle cleaning and while we are investing really heavily vehicle cleaning operatives so there’s an additional number coming in and we’ve got over 60 in the organisation already on top of our make ready teams and then we’ve more coming in. It is really important that each individual in an operational setting absolutely has a responsibility and a requirement for in-between patient cleans, that’s been in ever since we had our IPC guideline and that absolutely has not changed and it’s really really important that we continue to do that both for your own safety, the safety of colleagues and also for us to be available to support and respond to our next patient, as well as using the correct PPE and the correct guidance absolutely but it’s really important we do focus on those.

My final bit as we go into this week is just to say thank you, thank you for the work you’re doing, thank you for the stories that are shared about people going the extra mile and the care that they are giving not only to the patients but really importantly to each other as well. As I said at the start, it is really difficult, there are some anxieties and we are in this together truly, in there to support you, support each other and also to support our patients in the wider healthcare.


Updated 2nd April 2020

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