Operations Update COVID-19 Video: Marcus Bailey

Video transcript: Marcus Bailey video on 20th March 

Hi everybody, Marcus Bailey Chief Operating Officer for the Trust. Just wanted to update you on I know what is a concern for you as operational staff and the work we are really undertaking to which is to ensure you have the tools to do the job - really around Personal Protective Equipment. We have been working really really hard to ensure the supply chain for masks whether they be surgical repellent or they are FFP3 is maintained during this initial period, we’re week one into what we know will be a really really long-haul for us as a team and while the whole system adjusts to that we are absolutely conscious and our no1 priority is to ensure you get the stuff you need to look after our patients and for us to keep you safe as well.

Today we had a delivery of kit and prioritised getting that distributed across the region today and tonight and that will be coming out to the HUB areas to ensure that you are able to replenish and being able to undertake good care that you do on a daily basis and do in the way its safe, one of things I would ask you is when we attend patients that you use the advised and guided PPE, why? Because when we order stock we will continue to do so, we are doing it on a modelling scenario, try to order as much as we can for the need, clearly everybody in the healthcare system is using masks, that they need  for patient care and we need to follow the guidance, why? Guides are written to keep you safe, but also if we use more than we have that cause that a supply issue. I think for us as well is the logistical challenges is the hand sanitiser but we are able to use clinell wipes in the short term while we continue to search for supplies across the country to ensure that we can maintain it.

We have locally escalated our situation to ensure that we are a priority consideration for the supplies for you and for us to continue to look after our patients. One of the things I would ask is we are sensible, supportive and share the stocks that we do need to have. We are collating centrally and daily to be able to move those supplies across the region to ensure that you have those. While we work with the NHS supply chain in order to keep that supply 72hrs ahead of where we need it to be while those stocks are built up locally for us to keep our patients safe.

For me thank you for everything you are doing it’s a fast-moving picture, there are lots of guidance coming out. We are spending time to ensure we are able to digest it look at the technical guidance and also be able to provide the best advice we can for you while working with you to look after our patients. We are in it for the long-haul this isn’t going to be over quickly but what we do want to do is make sure we are able to continue that really great piece of work that you are doing and undertaking and that we are able to support you I doing that as well.

Just an update on some of there area’s of work we are making an accelerated plans in terms of recruitment and supporting recruitment both for AOC’s and also frontline and looking for as the rest of the health and social care services about what and other contributions others maybe able to make.

Over the coming days we may also be asking other members of the Trust on how they maybe able to support in care delivery for patients and also about the role of our volunteers that they may be able to assist and support as well.

I know people are working really hard and people are working really long hours. My commitment for us as an organisation on our strategic intent for this ongoing protracted incident and business continuity incident is for us  to work to prioritise our response to patients and your health and wellbeing and that is what we are doing or looking to do and looking to stabilise that over the coming days as we prepare for what we believe will see a wave of demand and hit the East of England, it has already been experienced by London Ambulance Service and other colleagues across the Trust and region and for us is we will absolutely look to support others while also preparing for ourselves.

Take care of yourselves, take care of each other and I thank you all individually and collectively doing for each other and our patients and also to look after your loved ones at home it is a period of uncertainty but together we are going to be in a position to help us work and support and live in what is a very dynamic and changing world.



Published 20th March 2020

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