OPS INSTRUCTION - Delayed Handover Protocol

Ops Instruction

EEAST has a responsibility to work with system partners to achieve an effective and timely clinical handover of patients at Emergency Departments (ED), in turn to ensure an effective response to patients waiting in the community in the interest of patient safety.

Operational Instruction 101 - Delayed Handover Protocol: Patient Safety in the Community has been updated and now incorporates OperationaI Instruction 102, OperationaI Instruction 103 and OperationaI Instruction 104 as these now are all combined in one document which also deals with load levelling and 'drop and go'.
These principles have remained predominantly unchanged, but have been updated to reflect requirements to risk-assess cohorting areas in the context of COVID-19.

The new instruction can be found on EAST24 or downloaded below.

Published 18th December 2020