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In light of recent attacks around the world, the Trust is performing training sessions and reminding staff of security procedures.

The Trust is currently completing a number of marauding terrorist attack training sessions with our partner agencies within the region, to ensure we have the ability to quickly respond to the types of attacks we have seen around the world and specifically in London during 2017.

Within Europe over the last couple of months, there have been a number of incidents where an offender has randomly attacked those around them either with a gun or a knife (and in some cases with a vehicle as a weapon), with one such attack occurring in Manchester within the last couple of weeks.

Tuesday 22nd October saw another attack occurring, this time in Oslo, Norway. However, this attack was different, in that the offender had hijacked an ambulance, which had responded to an Road Traffic Collision (RTC) the offender had been involved in. Once in control of the ambulance, the offender used the vehicle to drive at innocent members of the public, while others were shot at by the offender.

While the police will do their best to ensure potential offenders are kept away from an incident, it must be remembered that vehicles, such as ambulances, which are normally seen as trusted vehicles tend to be allowed through cordons, with little or no checks. With an offender now using what has historically been seen as a trusted vehicle as a weapon, it is even more important that crews ensure the safety of their ambulances (or other vehicles) at all times and keep the keys with them, when out of the vehicle.

While general security procedures will help prevent an opportunist theft, we accept that someone who wants to hijack an ambulance may use more force to get the vehicle they want. In these situations, staff should not be putting themselves at risk but instead ensuring their Ambulance Operations Centre (AOC) desk are aware of what is happening/has happened. This would allow AOC staff to get help to the affected staff as quickly as possible, while sharing information regarding the location of the stolen vehicle with the police.

Published 24th October 2019

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