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I had the privilege of attending our celebration of learning and celebration of special contribution events yesterday; events where we recognised colleagues, who had achieved a major learning and development success, reached a long service milestone in their career in the ambulance service and NHS or received an award for outstanding work.

Throughout the day a common theme was how important our support networks are, be they family, friends and colleagues. And how these networks enable us to grow, develop and do our jobs with energy and passion. I know this for a fact myself, in that I couldn’t realise my goals without the help and support of my family and colleagues.

Sadly we don’t all have that network. Only this morning (Thursday), I was listening to some stories on the radio from people who found themselves at a very low point in their lives. It was clear that sometimes people just don’t know who to turn to for help, or they don’t think they can ask for help.  We often are called to assist and help people in such situations, which are why it is really important that we know, as part of the ambulance family, that support is there for all of us in our friends, family, colleagues, managers and our health and wellbeing services which have been transformed beyond belief in the last two years.

As I sat there last night, watching a stream of ambulance staff collect long service awards I did feel like a newbie, having only been at EEAST for seven and a half years. I take my hat off to you for your years of service and dedication, and that commitment that has grown with every year and never wanes.

And then we heard about staff that had done outstanding work or embodied the values of the service or had gone above and beyond their duty.  It made me feel proud to work at EEAST and be surrounded by amazing leaders, staff and volunteers.

Finally, I just want to thank everybody who helped support both our events yesterday.  Teamwork is one of our values as a Trust, but I saw at first hand yesterday (and in the days and weeks leading up to yesterday) the number of different people who worked and contributed to making the events happen; people from a range of departments and teams.  That is what embodies the spirit of EEAST teamwork: together as one, we work with pride and commitment to achieve our vision.

Hope you all have a good week.

Published November 16th, 2017


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