Our Improvement Journey

Our Improvement Journey NTK

As part of our improvement journey, every member of staff and volunteer has a part to play in fostering a positive culture and improving patient care.

You may know that we are expecting a visit from the Care Quality Commission (CQC) in the near future and we want you to feel prepared if the CQC visit your area. 

Having a CQC core inspection is an opportunity to let them know about all the good work you have been doing and the improvements you have made. 

We are keen to demonstrate that the areas that required further improvement are being worked on and that we capture all the positive achievements we have made since the last inspection in 2019. 

More updates to follow - We want to make sure you know where to get the information you need. This page will be regularly updated but if you need further information or advice, you can speak to your line manager or email: CQC.Group@eastamb.nhs.uk.  We will also be producing a booklet which will go into more detail to help you prepare for an inspection of our Trust's sites and services. 

NTK now returns! With so much improvement work currently taking place, and the prospect of a further CQC Core Inspection in the future, we’re bringing back NTKN on a weekly basis to help keep everyone updated on our improvement journey. If you missed the email, each article will be linked on the left hand side of this page under, 'Related Pages'. 

Key theme workshops for managers - We are offering all managers the opportunity to participate in a number of voluntary workshops that will be covering key organisational themes. These workshops are intended to support better understanding of the leadership aspects of well led and governance. We want to ensure that all our managers have the support and knowledge to be able to participate in these discussions and talk through key aims with their teams. Click here for more details.