Out of service

EEAST RRVs and amb on scene

You may have seen the recent article in Need to Know about booking out of service.

A number of queries have been received about why there is a need to book clear from the call before booking out of service.

The Trust has to report timings of individual calls (or incidents) accurately, and this includes the vehicle clear time. Delays in booking vehicles clear can cause the Trust to incur penalties in relation to extended delays at hospital post-handover. There are however a number of agreed out-of-service codes that are used in a variety of circumstances (for example with a complex ePCR) but out-of-service time is not linked to incidents but to resources (i.e. ambulances and RRVs).

Therefore you should always book clear on the MDT (from the incident) and then contact EOC to book out-of-service as a resource. EOC will not assign a call to you when out-of-service, and if this occurs because there is a delay in contacting EOC after booking clear, you should respond and state you are unavailable and confirm the out-of-service reason. We hope this clarifies the position and we will review this process as part of the new CAD implementation.

Published 1st October, 2015

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