Overtime incentives to assist with pressure in October half-term

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After a review by the Executive Leadership Team, the following incentives have been agreed for staff taking up key overtime shifts to support each other and our ability to deliver care to patients at identified pressure periods.

Day Date and conditions Minimum 8 hrs


*Mid and South Essex operational ambulance shifts only

Monday 25/10/21 £150


*Shifts starting at 14:00hrs or after

Sunday 31/10/21 £150
Monday 01/11/21 £150


The additional payments are available to (subject to authorisation): 

  • Any staff working pre-agreed overtime on an emergency double staffed ambulance
  • PTS staff providing dedicated urgent vehicle support for A&E
  • Staff working in Call handler, Dispatch, ECAT and TOC roles
  • For staff working shifts of at least 8 hours

To remain eligible for the additional payments:

  • Only the shifts specified on the table below would attract the additional payments
  • Shifts must be at least 8 hours in length and pre-agreed with local managers/planners in advance
  • Overtime will be paid at the applicable AFC rate
  • All part time, full time and bank staff are eligible for the additional payments
  • No cancellation of any pre-booked overtime between 23.10.21 and the 01.11.21 inclusive
  • No sickness absence between 23.10.21 and the 01.11.21 inclusive
  • No other absences other than pre-booked annual leave (unless authorised by a line manager)
  • Local areas will dynamically control the availability of overtime shifts based on their business need/risk.

It is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that the Working Time Directive is complied with. Managers will ensure the health and wellbeing of all staff undertaking additional duties and maintain compliance with statutory rest periods.

Pressure on our workforce can also come from abnormally high level of staff sickness, which can impact further on delivering care to patients. To limit this, we offer a wide range of support, from health and wellbeing to constantly updating IPC advice. It is vital that you support your peers, so they can be as fit and well as possible.

Please contact your locality planner to book shifts or speak to your line manager for any further information.

Sincere thanks to all of you for keeping our patients safe.

Trust Executive Team

Wednesday 20th October 2021

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