Paid expenses for our CFRs from November

Grey car and two ambulances with a rainbow in the background

From November 1st, we will be introducing a process for volunteers to claim reasonable out of pocket expenses.

Across the Trust our volunteers make a huge difference to patients every day and we would like to say thank you for this.

We currently have around 800 CFRs registered to respond across the East of England. In recognition of the contribution they make to the health and wellbeing of both our patients and staff, we are introducing a new process enabling them to claim for any reasonable out of pocket expenses that occur when volunteering.

The expenses will largely be for mileage incurred by our CFRs when travelling to attend a patient. However, we will also be removing the initial fee CFRs currently pay to attend the induction training course and will waive the fee for those who teach as part of the faculty on our L3 induction course.  

This change will not remove the benefits and the support which are provided through the EEAST Charity, and via local fundraising, but seeks to align the process across all our volunteering roles in terms of mileage claims.

Lorna Hayes, Head of Community Response, said:

‘Our volunteers are an integral part of the work we do here at EEAST and the care we are able to provide for our patients across the region. It’s important that we acknowledge this and give our CFRs the support they rightly deserve, by renumerating them for the essential costs they incur whilst volunteering for us. Additionally, we are always looking for more volunteers to come and join us, and I hope that this announcement may make the role even more accessible to anyone interested in volunteering with the Trust.’

Once the final process for submitting a claim for mileage has been approved, along with the appropriate policy, this will be sent out to you through the normal communications channels. 

A campaign is also being launched to encourage local community members to sign up as a CFR, with additional training courses on offer. We are also looking for local organisations and businesses who may be willing to become CFR partners and support their employees to respond.

This builds on the existing investment to support our CFRs, including the investment in Raizer II Chairs to help care for people who have fallen at home and the introduction of several CFR cars across the region which can respond in local communities.

Published 26th September 2022