Paramedic PGD suite expiration: guidance for staff

EEAST Lozenge and crest right aligned

Your manager teams have received a briefing this morning (11th April), that the current Paramedic PGD suite (TXA and water for injection) expired on the 31st March. 

It has been reviewed by The Pharmacist on behalf of the Medical Director and is scheduled for approval at the Medicine Management Board today (11th April).

Once approved, every paramedic will need to sign the authorisation page which will then be confirmed by your line manager. 

Until this has been completed and you have signed the new PGD, the Medical Director has provided a blanket verbal order for the continued use of the existing expired PGD on the provision that the criteria remains unchanged and the assessment of the patient meets the criteria laid out within the PGD (i.e. major trauma for TXA). While expired, the technical content of the document remains appropriate and current. 

If you have any questions, please speak with your manager, and those managers with new paramedics joining then should contact:

Published 11th April 2019

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