Patient Experience Voice webinar


Please join us for this interactive webinar, to share and discover more about the ways we listen to the EEAST Patient voice, and how what we hear of their experiences can be understood, developed and become instructive to EEAST, for better care, via the pathway to feedback and involvement.

The webinar will take place on Thursday 4th March at 10.30am


This MS Live Event is the beginning of a series, where we invite you to ask questions about Patient Experience, show us where you see opportunities to solve common misunderstandings and turn feedback into development. Please note you must use your EEAST email to sign up.

You assess the patient in urgent stages, on the phone, on arrival and during care. We try to continue the learning after the urgency, as the conversation has time and space for reflection, putting us all the wiser...

If you have any suggestions for areas and issues to cover, please email and we will prepare a bespoke session in the series.

Published 25th February 2021