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As part of a series of information we’re putting out about 2015/16 facts and figures, we’ve been taking a look at the amount of feedback we receive and what it means for us.

Our Patient Experience team sent out a whopping 16,045 surveys between April 2015 and February this year in order to get feedback about what patients thought about the services we had provided.

This included emergency services, patient transport, and some primary care services which ran in 2015 such as Norfolk OOH and 111.

Out of the number sent, 4,661 surveys returned which is a 29% response rate. Head of Clinical Quality Tracy Nicholls said: “It gives us a really good idea of where we are on the scale of giving excellent patient care, and some of the comments we receive are very encouraging.

“However, the more people who are able to fill in these surveys, the clearer idea we have.”

The number of compliments made about the service peaked in July 2015 with 206, contributing to a total of 1,761 for the year. This is compared to 1,688 the previous year, and sustain the pattern of rising annually since 2012. Complaints rose on the previous year of 2014/15, from 989 to 1,090.

“Compliments are a big part of what makes our staff and volunteers feel positive about the care they’ve given. Both compliments and complaints have risen, and whilst we can speculate on the reasons such as more channels for people to share their feelings, positive and negative, and an increase in demand on the service, it’s hard to give a more academic reason.”

If you are in contact with someone who would like to give feedback to the Trust, just mention they can speak with our Patient Experience team, whose details are here:

Published 30th April, 2016

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