Patient Safety Notice Boards

patient safety board

The patient safety boards are being updated in all stations over the coming weeks – look for the blue and green posters.

They cover things like safe non-conveyance, good decision making and learning from incidents (LFI). The Patient Safety team are looking at themes and trends of when things go wrong and what we can do as a Trust to fix it, as well as when things go well and what we can do to celebrate it.

Not taking patients to hospital has been an area of risk for years. We certainly don’t want you to take every patient to hospital but we as a Trust we want to do everything we can to help make sure any patient that isn’t conveyed is done so safely and with good documentation and safety netting.

We often look into incidents where the decision making and treatment at scene was to a good standard, but the PCR didn’t reflect the level of care that was delivered – it goes back to the age-old saying of “if it wasn’t written down it didn’t happen”.

Here are the highlights of the new non-conveyance policy on a page and an LFI example of non-conveyance decision making.

Here is an example of decision making surrounding unwell children

and another surrounding falls. These have been taken from real incidents.

You can also listen to our non-conveyance episode of EEAST General Broadcast on Spotify and Apple podcasts where the patient safety team talk about what helps make leaving someone at home as safe as possible.

If you have any questions, speak to your LOM, or email anyone in the patient safety team

Ant Brett- Safety and Risk Lead
Jordan Nicholls- Patient Safety Integration Lead
Lou Rosson- Patient Safety Officer
Dave Grover- Patient Safety Officer
Jenni McClagish- Patient Safety Officer


Published 8th July 2020


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