Requesting updates about patients

Patient Records

During these unprecedented times, the Trust understands that you may have concerns about the patients you have treated. Whether this is around their welfare, their COVID status (swabbing test results) or points of learning regarding treatment provided. However, please be mindful that the laws around data protection and the Caldicott Principles are still valid.

Whilst COVID-19 has been declared a Notifiable Disease and there are exemptions for processing this data (under the COPI Notice), there are also specific purposes in place for when these exemptions apply. This includes strict rules around the sharing of test results.

The Trust is required to comply with the data protection legislation: The Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), even with this legal notice in place.
Failure to comply can result in significant personal and organisational implications.

Remember, when dealing with patient information, you must routinely test any release/request of information against the seven Caldicott principles:

  1. Justify the purpose(s)
  2. Do not use unless absolutely necessary
  3. Use the minimum required
  4. Access on a strict need-to-know basis
  5. Awareness of responsibilities
  6. Understand and comply with the law
  7. The duty to share information can be as important as the duty to protect patient confidentiality

If in any doubt, do not disclose/request the information and seek further guidance from your line manager, the IG team or the Caldicott Guardian.

If you have any concerns regarding a patient attendance, you can contact:

For all work-related issues
Work related challenges, queries and issues including uniform, equipment, working arrangements.

Your line manager

Contact your local line manager

Patient information sharing or accessing issues

Information Governance team / Data Protection Officer/ The Trust’s Caldicott Guardian (Dr Tom Davis)

For all the latest up to date EEAST news relating to Covid-19

Need to Know

COVID-19 homepage  

COVID-19 related issues
To support/coach someone with any emotional, practical, bereavement issue relating to COVID-19.

Excludes:  Questions relating to matters specific to EEAST, for example about equipment or EEAST policy. Anyone who might need longer term clinical support

NHS National Helpline

0300 131 7000
Available 07:00–23:00 7 days a week

24/7 text alternative to the above helpline - simply text FRONTLINE to 85258

For everyday personal issues
Mental health, work/personal relationship problems, legal and family advice, substance misuse, financial advice.

Excludes: Questions relating to equipment, EEAST policy. Anyone needing longer term clinical.

Kays Medical
Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

0808 196 2374
Available 24/7

For emergency / crisis situations
To support someone in severe emotional distress in the moment; extreme stress reactions, suicidal thoughts.

It is vital that staff use this number only if in severe immediate crisis. The EAP number can be used for less immediate issues.

Please do not use for general OH, wellbeing or COVID-19 related questions.

Kays Medical
Crisis Line

0808 196 2370
Available 24/7

For general Occupational Health (OH) enquiries

Kays Medical OH Line

0151 459 9711
Office hours


For medication advice

Kays Medical Medication Line

0808 196 2373
Office hours

For bloodsplash/needlestick advice

Kays Medical BFE Line

0808 196 2371
Office hours

For sickness management referrals 

Kays Medical Referrals


For all enquiries regarding wellbeing issues


EEAST Wellbeing

07715 074010     

07712 418664

For all referrals and enquiries regarding TRiM


EEAST Wellbeing 

For spiritual support

Chaplains team

01582 585400



Published June 3rd 2020


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