High temperature advice for patients

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A West Herts paramedic has created a video explaining to the public what they need to know about having a high temperature.

'What to do when you have a high temperature or feel unusually cold - for adults' is hosted on Louise Sopher’s website, www.article999.co.uk. Although the self-funded website is not an official NHS resource, Louise is a member of the European Medical Writers Association and provides referenced video and article summaries for UK medics.

Her latest video is in response to the number of patients who are unsure what to do when they have a high temperature or don't know that their signs and symptoms may mean they have a high temperature: “As '42% of working-age adults are unable to understand and make use of everyday health information' (PHE, 2015), I have made the video relatively simple and - I hope - easy to follow”, said Louise.

The video can be found on Article 999, alongside a Q&A and references: For Adult Patients: What to do when you have a high temperature or feel unusually cold (video) – Article 999

Other articles and videos for clinicians include subjects such as inserting an OP airway adjunct, and revising NICE Head Injury Guidance.


Published 24th March 2021