Payroll cut-off dates

Please note the payroll cut-off dates for this year. 

Payroll would like to remind managers responsible for these submissions how important it is to adhere to these deadlines. This is to ensure that everyone gets paid their correct entitlements on time.

Main run payroll cut-off dates for this year are as follows:


HR Documents  Claim Forms Cut Off Time Pay Day
Apr-21 07-Apr-21 09-Apr-21 15:00 23-Apr-21
May-21 06-May-21 07-May-21 15:00 25-May-21
Jun-21 08-Jun-21 09-Jun-21 15:00 25-Jun-21
Jul-21 07-Jul-21 09-Jul-21 15:00 23-Jul-21
Aug-21 06-Aug-21 09-Aug-21 15:00 25-Aug-21
Sep-21 08-Sep-21 09-Sep-21 15:00 24-Sep-21
Oct-21 06-Oct-21 08-Oct-21 15:00 25-Oct-21
Nov-21 08-Nov-21 09-Nov-21 15:00 25-Nov-21
Dec-21 01-Dec-21 03-Dec-21 15:00 TBA
Jan-21 06-Jan-22 07-Jan-22 15:00 25-Jan-22
Feb-21 08-Feb-22 09-Feb-22 15:00 25-Feb-22
Mar-21 08-Mar-22 09-Mar-22 15:00 22-Mar-22


Supplementary run payroll cut-off dates for this year are as follows:


All Documents Cut Off Time Pay Day
Supplementary Run
22-Apr-21 12:00 30-Apr-21
20-May-21 12:00 28-May-21
22-Jun-21 12:00 30-Jun-21
22-Jul-21 12:00 30-Jul-21
20-Aug-21 12:00 31-Aug-21
22-Sep-21 12:00 30-Sep-21
21-Oct-21 12:00 29-Oct-21
22-Nov-21 12:00 30-Nov-21
21-Dec-21 12:00 31-Dec-21
21-Jan-22 12:00 31-Jan-22
18-Feb-22 12:00 28-Feb-22
23-Mar-22 12:00 31-Mar-22



Published 1st April 2021