Personal Protective Equipment - Eye protection

Over recent weeks, the Trust has experienced many AGP breaches involving eye protection. Personal Protective Equipment remains an important element in the set of measures we must use to protect ourselves and subsequently our colleagues, patients, and families.

An integral part of the PPE available is eye protection. 

Eye or face protection (including full-face visors) must:

  • Be worn if providing direct care to a suspected/confirmed COVID-19 patient.
  • Be worn if blood and/or body fluid contamination to the eyes or face is anticipated or likely and always during aerosol generating procedures. Regular corrective spectacles are not considered eye protection.
  • Not be impeded by accessories such as piercings or false eyelashes.
  • Not be touched when being worn.

Detailed below are the PPE levels and what eye protection should be worn as a minimum.

As shown, full face visors are used in conjunction with level 3 PPE. Full face visors are required with some types of FFP3 mask, so whilst goggles are adequate in some scenarios, full face visors are the item to use when in level 3 PPE.


Links to PPE Donning/Doffing instructions

Level 2 Donning/Doffing

Level 3 Donning/Doffing

Level 3 Donning/Doffing (Powered hood respirator)

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Published 26th March 2021