Peterborough paramedic Pasqualina delivers

Pasqualina Potter and Kirsty Barber had met many times during their work for the NHS.

But they will never forget the November day when Paramedic Pasqualina delivered the A&E deputy sister Kirsty’s baby boy on a bathroom floor.

The pair were reunited last week (13th January) when they spoke of the “special bond” they share following the dramatic birth of Joshua at Kirsty’s home in Orton Waterville, Peterborough.

Kirsty, 35, who works at Peterborough City Hospital (PCH), started having contractions in the early hours of 26th November, but she was told she was not in established labour when she got to hospital - she returned home and decided to have a bath. However, just after 11am she realised that her second child was going to be born at home and her husband, Scott, called 999.

Seven minutes later, Pasqualina, who was working on a rapid response vehicle on that day, arrived. A few minutes after getting Kirsty out of the bath, Joshua was born, weighing 8lb 2oz.

Pasqualina, a paramedic of 13 years, said: “I didn’t know she was pregnant, so to see her about to deliver, I thought ‘what is going on?’!”

“I have delivered about 15 babies during my career, but never on my own. It was all so quick. Joshua looked stunned and then started crying.

“It was such a special moment because I knew Kirsty and we laughed about it, and then cried,” she said.

Joshua was born a few minutes before the arrival of the crew, who took mum and baby to PCH for further check-ups.

Kirsty said: “It was very special and a lovely outcome. There was no one else I would have wanted walking up the stairs.”

Kirsty’s mother-in-law Carole is a former Peterborough EMT who retired three years ago.

Published 23rd January, 2016

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