Pre-filled syringes — NOT for drawing up morphine

Clinical Instruction

It has been highlighted that there may be instances where crews are using the pre-filled syringes to draw up Morphine.

Under no circumstances should a Posiflush be used to draw up or any drug that require dilution.

There are several reasons why this should not happen including:

  • no guarantee that the morphine has been adequately mixed and diluted with the remaining saline for an equal distribution of the active medicine within the syringe
  • having a medicine in a mis-labelled syringe that could be mistaken for saline only and given as a large bolus by mistake.

If this practice is found to continue then there will be a review of whether Posiflushes will remain available on the stores order list.

If you have any further questions please contact:
This notice can be downloaded as a Clinical Instruction below.

Published 25th December 2019

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