Public Health England urges people to act fast to avoid festive flu

Flu campaign 2019

England’s top doctors have urged people to protect themselves and their families from flu over the coming week amid warnings that new cases may peak over the busy Christmas period.

The number of cases of influenza like illness has increased by 24% since last week and expected to increase more over the next few weeks. 

Current evidence shows that vaccinations available this year are well-matched to the main strain of flu circulating.

As frontline staff, you’re more at risk of being exposed to, and therefore of spreading the flu virus, so vaccination is a vital part of infection control. It will help stop flu spreading and reduce the risk of passing on an infection to vulnerable patients. This includes older people, pregnant women, and those with underlying health conditions. That’s why it’s important to get your free flu jab as soon as possible to protect yourself, your family and your patients.

Being healthy won’t stop you getting flu or passing it on. The flu virus can infect anybody, and even someone with no visible symptoms is still at risk of passing the virus on.

Read the full article from Public Health England.

Are you safe to care? We're running flu clinics across the region to help you protect patients, your family and yourself against flu. For your nearest clinic, contact your local station.


Published 19th December 2019

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