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Hello my name is John Syson, Interim Director of Workforce here at EEAST. I’m here to talk to you about the Pulse Survey, which is launching across the organisation on Monday 17th August. The pulse survey is a partner to the National Staff Survey that happens every Autumn and this is a way that the Trust can check on progress for the staff survey action plans that have been going on in local areas.

The Survey is conducted by our survey partner, Pickers, just like the National Staff Survey and is handled by them and is completely confidential and no one at the Trust will see your responses. 

We would encourage everybody to check your inbox from Monday to see if the pulse survey is there. It is very short only 10 questions and very much designed as a check in to see how progress is going. There is also this time round a short COVID-19 response questionnaire to see what areas as part of the pandemic response the Trust has done well in and which we could do better in.

Thank you very much and I hope you complete the survey.

Published 13th August 2020

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