Raising concerns, whistleblowing and Speak out guardians

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The Trust has been reviewing the key recommendation of the Francis Review in connection with a single national whistleblowing policy that should be adopted to “normalise the raising of concerns”. Monitor also identifies in the consultation document that there are variable standards across NHS organisations as to how staff who raise concerns are supported.
This national guidance encourages staff to raise concerns about anything that they believe is harming the service that the NHS provides, and reassures staff that genuine concerns can be raised without reprisal, even if they turn out to be mistaken. It makes clear that those who harass, victimise or bully anyone for raising a concern will be liable to disciplinary action.

The national guidance also sets out how concerns can be raised with an external body and gives details of:

  •  Who can raise a concern
  • The process for raising a concern
  • How the concern will be investigated
  • What will be done with the findings of the investigation?

It is intended that each NHS organisation will have its own local policy and process that sits beneath the national policy, reflecting the organisation’s size and set up.

We have reviewed how the national guidance and our local policy on ‘Whistleblowing’ (Follow the link to the documents library and search for Whistleblowing) can be integrated into one process and this is summarized below:

 Matter of misconduct or malpractice

An individual member of staff who has any concerns about a matter relating to misconduct or malpractice should in the first instance, raise the issue either verbally or in writing with their line manager.  In circumstances where this may not be appropriate, employees can raise the issue with whomever they feel most comfortable to approach including any other manager, head of department, Director, the Chief Executive, their trade union representative or the Human Resources Department. 

Matters relating to the Public Interest, Criminal offence, Legal Obligation, Miscarriage of Justice, danger to Health and Safety of an Individual, damage to environment or covering up the wrong doing in the above categories

Simon Chase and Anna Price have agreed to take on this role of Speak Out Guardian and should be contacted if the matter falls into one of the categories above.

If you have any queries please contact HR for advice and support.

Published 31st March, 2016

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